Friday, March 16, 2012

major picture post!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!  So I know I haven't been posting much... but today I found tons of pictures that I was going to post but just hadn't got to yet... so here we go!

First off I want to show you the different things that my husband got us for Valentine's Day!
As You can see he got me some beautiful flowers from and he also got my nails done for me  and not pictured is my awesome Kindle Fire... whom I named Eric.... I love it so much!!!... he got our daughter the little bear, unicorn, m&m's and a potted flower and her nails done... and for our son he got him a Mickey Mouse.  My husband is so great!!!

Here are the flowers after they opened!!!  I love!  I love to watch them bloom!!!  I love my man so much!!!

Here are my awesome projects I am working on right now!  Aren't they great!!!

 see under those clovers is my Kindle fire... yes he is great

Here are my cupcakes that I have been experimenting with... the bottom one is a rose!!  It is the first I have done so I will keep practicing them to get them cuter!  But it does look like a rose!!!

My Little Man!!!!

My Little Girl!!!!


Sharon GARDNER said...

How nice! I've been saving my Amazon gift cards for a Kindle Fire. In a month, I'll have enough for a Kindle Fire yippee! I have the 3G kindle now and I love it so I'm really excited to upgrade. Have fun.

Alannah said...

I have the kindle 3g also! I love it... I use both of my kindles :D

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you loved your flowers Alannah! Thanks for sharing the pictures and thanks for your business! -Steve @ ProFlowers