Thursday, March 8, 2012

just some stuff on my mind

I really do want to lose weight... grrrr.... but for some reason I can't get into doing it... I just dont have the energy to get up and do it... then you know i get embarrassed when my husband is around... I just can't do it in front of him!!!

But I am going to just suck it up.  Yesterday I went and talked to a guy about volunteering at the animal shelter...  that can help me loose weight and maybe help out with the depression I have been dealing with... grrrrr... I will figure it out because i want it bad enough!

in other news I don't know if i have posted it on here but my little man now can walk!!!  It makes me sooo happy!!!  but now he is into everything lol.  and my daughter can read now!!!  and she is reading like crazy!  anything she can get her hands on!


Heather - The Good Life said...

Congratulations on your daughter and son's accomplishments. It's always fun to see a new chapter in their lives. Best wishes on the weight loss front, you can do it! :-)

Reality Jayne said...

You can do it. When depression is a factor, losing weight is hard. I struggle with on again off again depression, and it is the motivation that goes out the window.
keep focused.