Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yay!!!! Toothfairy and ballet bags!!!

Soooo... My daughter's little friend Zoe ...  (the little blonde lol... Blayre is the brunette)...

has her first loose tooth and her mom and I were talking about the Tooth Fairy and the different ways we grew up.  My parents told us to put the tooth in the microwave because the Tooth Fairy gets hungry lol... yeah my parents were crazy!....  and Andi's (that is Zoe's mom) talked about the natural "putting it under the pillow" stuff.... well I decided hey wouldnt it be easier for her to have a little bag to put it in so it doesnt get lost!!!  of course it would so that is why I decided that both of our girls needed Tooth Fairy Bags!!!  And Since they are both starting their ballet classes today that they needed ballet bags too!!!!  Yay!!!  Here they are!!!

Aren't they the cutest things ever!!!  And they have pull ties!!!

and here is a pic of zhander and our girl cat dora!!! (Her name is actually Nymphadora)

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