Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Thy Name is Bannah and Wassie!!!!

 Hello everyone!!!  So I know it has been a super long time since I have done an awesome blog my day away post... but here one is!!!  On Sunday I went to an awesome friends house!  Her name is Wassie (ok it is Cassie but I call her Wassie and she calls me Bannah!)  We had such an awesome time... the first thing we did was go shopping so we could cook together!  We had a good time figuring the different things we needed for our recipe :D  We decided to do our own thing and make something that we thought of and we called it "Peek-A-Boo Lemon Chicken Fettuccini  Alfredo Pizza"
Then we went to a place called S & R Diner in Harrison, Michigan (where she lives right now... and where I grew up)  They have the best bread for Pizza flips (some people call them calzones)  But I wish they would use fresher ingredience for the toppings... because it just ruins the pizza flips having to eat sausage that is premade in bags and canned mushrooms... But it was still good!  We were eating, talking and reminiscing about years before when we used to come here as teens...

Then we went back to Wassie's house and decided to play games until we wanted to start making our food :D  We had such a good time ....  just a word of advice... don't play clue when you have only two people... it doesnt work lol... but we had such a good time... we played UpWords!  That is a great game!!

We used every single tile!!! How awesome was that!!!  I am trying to find the game so that I can have it for my house because it is sooooo awesome!!!!

This is her dog Magee!  He is the cutest dog and he is so smart!!  And he loves to cuddle!!!

Then we started to cook!!!  Here are all the ingredients we needed!  We had so much fun working together and putting together the food and tasting and everything!!!
Here is Wassie sprinkling cheese... "Sprinklin sprinklin sprinklin the cheese...!!!"
Here it is after it was finished cooking!!  Doesn't it look delicious!!!
Here it is!!!  All on the plates and ready to be eaten!!!  "I want you to eat me!!"  It kept saying that!  It really did!!!

And this is us eating the food!!!  Yay!!! It is our first bite and believe me it was soooo yummy!!!!

If you notice we have special drinks that Wassie made us...  they have Blue Raspberry Vodka in it... ummm yeah... it wasnt even a shot... welll you can tell that i don't really drink because this is Wassie's ear....

And this is mine ... lol...  my ears and face were all red lol... from just that little bit of alcohol and I was just a tad tipsy... umm lol.... yeah... craziness lol...

Here we are again just being awesome... as usual....  

Here is Magee again because he is so cute!!!!

Well that was what happened when I went and spent the day with my best friend Wassie in Harrison!  I had such a good time and even introduced her to my blogging world!  I had such a good time!!!!  I did miss my babies though... and I was happy when I got home!  but I was happy to have that little time away like every mommy needs!!  I am sure I will be doing it again soon!!!  

Until Next time!!!

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~Niki~ said...

oh what a fun time you two had!
i really wish i had a bf.
i have suffered from mental illness most of my life due to a not-so-great past and it's presented barriers in making friends that are close. i have 3 friends, all older. they are more 'coffee buddies' every couple months. not someone i can call if i need to talk. more info that you needed LOL. but you are lucky to have such a good friend to 'play' with ;)