Friday, September 30, 2011

Team Challenge #3

Soooo....  To day is another team challenge for JME Creations Design Team it was for Blue and Brown!  It was so much fun... I made this card for my mom.... 9/26 is her birthday and she collects hedgehogs...

I LOVE this ribbon... I have been trying to figure out what I can use it on and I found the perfect card!!  The little hedge hog is singing lol... it is soooo cute!!!

Here is a list of my team members!  Go check them out because you know they are awesome!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

look at those beautiful eyes!!!  They still have some gray in them... I hope they stay like that... 

Then I have my beautiful girl!!!!  She has some beautiful eyes too!!  They are brown but she has yellow in them... it is so crazy... I will have to take a picture some time!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


yeah... he is awesome... I am just saying...


Hey everyone!!  I know it has been a while since I have done a post with multiple pictures ... so I have a lot of pictures to show you!!!....  and here they are!!!!

 This is a little cup I got from McDonald's when I was trying there new Cherry Berry Chiller (which is awesome by the way)  I thought the cup was so adorable and would be awesome to use for my safty pins and of course I was right... anyway... I just had to clean it out... I will be decorating it maybe... but I think I like it just like this!!!
 I made this card for my daughter's little friend.  When I found out it was her birthday I just had to throw something together!  She is such a sweet little girl... her grandma lives across the road from us... the girls are so cute when they play together... I am sure I will be getting some pictures of them together soon!!
 Blayre drew this picture of herself... I thought it was so cute how she put teeth in her mouth lol...  I do have some other pictures that she has drawn of herself and the first one I have she was just a circle with little sticks and little eyes and a HUGE nose... that was when she was 2... she has came so far in her artisticabilities!!
 And here is blayre showing off the scarf I finally finished for her... go back to this post to see how long it has actually taken me to finish this scarf lol
 And here she is showing it off some more... it is very cute!!  She can't wait until she can wear it at school!!
 I took the picture of blayre in this outfit because I thought she looked adorable... her Uncle said she looked like a little 40 year old in this outfit!  Whatever... I thought it was ADORABLE!!!
 Here are the muffins!!!  And here is the link for the recipe!  and don't just look at this recipe... this woman is so awesome... her and her little dog!!!!  So you should totally show her some love and follower her
 Don't they look even yummier close up!!!  Believe me... they were so yummy that even our kitty cats stole one lol
 This is Zhander... he was very angry... well being a ham he is right once I pulled out the camera he stopped crying...  what a ham... but this has got to be once of my favorite pictures!!!
 And I pretended like I was putting down the camera... so he started crying again and I got this... it was a mix between the cry and him stopping crying!... I know it shouldnt make me laugh but it was so cute and funny!!!
and this is the dish cloth that I finished!  It is called the Citrus Twist!!!  Now Heather from The Good Life blog actually came up with this dish cloth and I just had to do it... I started one a while back but my cat ended up eating up the string so I had to stop and I just never started again!  But Heather is sooo great so go check out her blog too because she is awesome!!!!

So I have decided that I might watch some trash TV just so I can keep up with my favorite blogette Reality Jayne ... I love to read her blog... she can make me smile on the worst of days!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

JME Creations Design Team Challenge #2!!!! YAY!!!!

Hello every one!!  IT is time for the second JME Creations Design Team Challenge  
and our challenge was to make something that has to do with fall... sooo... I found this awesome recipe for Harvest Pumpkin muffins (post coming soon about these) then I decided to make some muffin holders!!! 

I loved this sooo much....  Now my muffins didn't make it to this holder lol... because they were so good that we ate them all up... (the cat even stole one lol)  well this is my project!!!  now go check out everyone elses!!!!  because they are soooo awesome!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I remember ten years ago, it is burned into my mind...  Mom had me stay home that day to wait for the cable guy... it was me my two sisters and one of my friends... we didn't have cable all day so we were watching movies... when mom got home she asked if we had seen what was happening... then she turned off the movie....

I didn't know what to think... I was so scared... I was in the 11th grade....

My dad is a retired fireman...  I know how it feels to see him walk out the door to go save lives and I know how it feels to think he might never come back....  I think about those children who didn't see their daddy (or mommy) walk back into their lives and being a child of a fireman it hit home...

I think of everyone who died on 9/11/01!!!  We Will Never Forget!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well everyone... I sent my little girl off to her first day of school....
She was very happy and kept telling me she wouldn't miss me because she wasn't going to be gone forever...  She ended up asking me last night if she was going to make friends and I said Blayre... you are Blayre and she said... you are right I always make friends... and to prove it... this morning not even 2 minutes after walking into the classroom she already had a friend and was looking at books with her....

And look at this weird look I captured this morning as I was getting Blayre ready lol....

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post for JME CREATIONS Design Team!!! Yay!!!!!

I am so happy!!!  This the first design team I have ever been on!!!  And I love all of the ladies already!!!!  

They apple came from a Template off of my Sure Cuts A lot 2 software!
The paper I got from the Dollar Store!!
And for some reason I can not find where I found the sentiment!  I am looking all over for where I found it... I am going to have to start labeling better...

But this card is super cute!!!  The little worm I got from the same place I got the apple... and his eye is a brad... it looks a little funny with the smile lol... but in a weird way it is cute!!!

Go check out the other projects from our Design Team!!!

But anyway!!!.... I hope you take a look and like it!!! and become a follower!!  I would love to have all of you as a follower.... and if you look down a post or two you will see my give away!!!  Yay!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Memories Software!! My first giveaway!!!!!!

I have been playing around with My Memories Suite!!  It is an awesome scrapbook software!!!  But you don't only have to scrapbook with it!  I have made invites to a baby shower and I have also been playing around with making some cards!  Her are some examples that I have made!!!!
This was so much fun!  I could change around the layout and everything!
This is the baby shower invite!  I love it... and I am thinking of printing out  the blocks up top and make them pop off the page with pop dots!

And of course some more fun I had! lol
Sooo... Do you want one???  Well the lovely people at My Memories have given me a chance to give away My Memories Suite Software!!!  So what you need to do is...

1. become a follower and leave me a message saying that you did!

2.  go to and tell me what your favorite bundle is!!!

I have been to this website a lot!!!  There is so much to see and so many different types of layouts!  this scrapbook software is so easy to use!  I hope you like it too!!!  This giveaway ends on Sept 16 2011

sooo you decided you don't want to wait to see if you win... or maybe you just coasted up on this and found out the giveaway is done... well...if you go to  and put in my awesome one of a kind code for $10 off the software and $10 in free merchandise!!!