Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am still here!!! And I have pics!!!!

So I have been working on some more quilting projects!  I have made a sleeping bag for my kindle and I have made them with hexagons!  I got the idea from an awesome blog!!!  I got it from Kasey at Fabric and Thread; Paper and Pens!  I did it a little different (that is why I call it a sleeping bag) but it is still super cute!!!  I will be making some more soon so I can match my moods and my purses!  I still have to do some binding but it is super cute!!  And I am thinking of putting some more hexis at the top because She is peaking out a little!  at first that is what I wanted but after looking at it a while I have changed my mind

I also started to make my sons quilt....
This is what the blocks look like... I mad six of them I am sure it will be enough because I am going to put black frames around them because his baby colors were Blue and Black!  I really like the aliens lol...  I have some black so I will be starting the frames soon... I figure I will put an inch around them so they can be separated by two inches.... then I would like to do maybe white or maybe even red for a boarder... I will figure it out as I go!

And I also decided to give my first quilt to my baby girl... Look at how happy she was when I told her!!
All I have to do is change the label to mom instead of alannah lol  But I will be doing that soon...

I have decided that I wont be knitting or crocheting to much this year... I kind of knitted/ crocheted myself out while I was pregnant... I havent really gotten back into the swing of it... I do have a blanket to finish for my friends niece so that will be finished as soon as it can be done but after that I wont be doing to much more... except some hats and booties for my new niece or nephew I am getting... but all the blankets will be quilted... I really enjoy quilting!!!!
We been to the park a lot lately... here are some picture I took while we were there last time!

 Look at these cute little ducks!  We were feeding them bread! 
 He is such a handsome duck!
 These two were so cute... always right next to each other!
 Here we call seagulls rats with wings!  They kept diving down and stealing the bread from the ducks at one point the male duck attacked a seagull... I was happy he stood up for himself!
 Doesn't see look adorable!!

 See the squirrel I was standing under the tree and berries from the tree kept falling on me... well I look up and who was hanging above me... this squirrel... and his butt was hanging over my head lol... I was so afraid that squirrel was going to poop or pee on me lol...
 Stupid rats lol... the whole time blayre was saying that! lol

 More of the squirrel! lol

Totally cute right lol..... I love my babies they are so adorable!!!!  

And I also was able to harvest some of my crops!!!  Yay!!!!!!

Of course I have multiples... see I like to eat the green beans right from the garden and so does my daughter so we have been eating away at them.... and my peppers are patiently waiting to be put into some salsa... and maybe even some soups that I am thinking of making!!!  I am super happy about them...

 Here is my cilantro it is a strong little plant!!!
 Then my little baby... rosemary!!!!!  I smell her everyday and she just makes me so happy and calm!!!!
This is my husbands catnip he is very proud of it... he is growing them for the cats....

These are my Asian Lilies my husband got them for me the first year we were in here... I love them and when we move I am soooo taking them with me I will not leave them behind!!!

Last but not least here is the chicken I made the other day!!!  It was just a little Cornish Hen but she tasted so good that my daughter, who doesnt like chicken all that much, ate her all up!!!!!


Reality Jayne said...

The park looks fun. My kids always loved the ducks. I am glad your feeling crafty. Love the aliens!!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Hi Alannah, looks like you are enjoying your summer. Congrats on completing your first quilt, it's very pretty and your daughter looks delighted! Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

Doris Sturm said...

What a nice post of what you have been up to. I love your quilts and yes, your daughter is very thrilled over getting it. Is she interested in learning how to quilt, crochet or knit? This would be a good time to teach her.

Loved your photos of your your outing at the park. We rarely get seagulls here, but I know what you mean, they are very competitive, to put it nicely, but the Mallard Drakes are generally able to defend what's theirs. We have one down by our little lake and he even chases the Canada Goose that's three times his size ;-)

I love your harvest from your garden. It's wonderful being able to eat what you grow. I don't have a garden because I live in an apartment, but do have a few things in containers and near the rose bushes. I enjoy watching tings grow. Do you think your kids would love to see some sunflowers grow? I have enough seeds to send you some of the ones I harvested this year from mine. They're still going strong and many of them have several blossoms on them. Let me know and I'll be happy to send some to you.

Enjoy your children - they are adorable. Time flies and you need to treasure every moment before it's gone. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Kind Regards,
Doris and Gizzy

Sandy O said...

WOW, what a great job on the quilted sleeping bag! I love all the pictures you shared. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers, so pretty. Looks like you had a great time at the park!