Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey everyone... it has been a long couple of weeks!  I have a lot of pictures to post but I probably wont be posting them until Thursday... Tomorrow I am going to a Motley Crue Concert it will be the second one I have been to in the last three years they are fun but I am not like a huge fan... my husband is, but I will go because he has so much fun going... and also Poison is playing.. I just wanted to post to say that I am not lost just super busy with a teething baby, he never wants to sleep unless I am holding him and he just cries I give him a teether and it gets warm fast so he gets mad... well I might be making cookies later today or on thursday...  I hope everyone is doing well... and each time I have a little to spare I peak in and see how my favorite people are doing on here

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Reality Jayne said...

Hey Miss Heavy Metal ....Fun to see you on Twitter...I will add you to my Twit list