Monday, April 11, 2011

I finally named my cricut!!!

So I have finally named my cricut!  I got my cricut in the beginning of November  and I have been trying to figure out a name ever since!  I didn't want to name it something that everyone would... like Jiminy... or something to that effect...

Lately I have been into reading about Greek gods, so I thought I am going to name him after the craftiest of the gods... HEPHAESTUS!  He is the god of smiths and craftsmen (and women) even though my little Hephaestus doesn't work with metal... he is still super crafty with other things that have to do with my craft...

 Isn't my little Hephaestus cute!!  He is so crafty and he can do anything!!  I just love him... now only if I could figure out a good name for my computer... she really needs one and as you can tell I have a hard time finding a good name to fit!  Another little lady I need to name is my sewing machine... but I am pretty sure I have an awesome name for her... Arachne...  writing this blog helped me with that thought process... hmm... see Hephaestus was also the god of technology so I can't name the computer that... plus she is a girl and I am sure she won't appreciate me turning her gender.... so when I figure it out you will be the first to know... we actually my husband will because I usually get too excited over my epiphanies and just have to scream them to him! lol... but you will know right after him!  lol

Here are some links on the two names I picked maybe they will give you some idea on why I have picked them!  YAY!  


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