Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here is the picture of my AWESOME socks!!!!

So... after forever... I finally finished my socks!  It was very awesome for me!  I will be making more but my cuff will not be as long... I like short cuffs!!  One of my friends from my knitting group showed me another way to do some cuffs with some cables... so I will be trying that! 

So I have some pictures a bird eating at our bird feeder!  YAY!!!!  Blayre was so happy... and my husband was ecstatic! 

And here is Zhander holding his bottle all by himself!!!  He is getting soooo big!!!!
And here is a picture of Blayre sleeping, "Mom, I'm not tired"....  "Well hunny just rest then... you were up early this morning"

 Yeah... This is her not sleeping lol... Isn't it great!!

I haven't really done much crafting... except for the socks... I was reading some awesome books about Greek Mythology...  Well it was a book based on Greek Mythology... it was a great book... and then I wanted to get those socks done so I worked my butt of on them... but I will be putting up some more crafty things!  Don't worry... I didn't get lost... lol...


Linda said...

The socks are so nice and they look warm too!!!!
Good job!!!!

Reality Jayne said...

congrats on the socks......You are to be commended on not getting bored by the time the first one is done

Sandy O said...

Love your socks, they look so warm!

The pics are great. Is that a red winged blackbird?

Your kids are adorable. Thank you for sharing your photos.