Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok... so... I didn't know that it was going to happen... we were just all on the floor playing and started telling him to roll over... and look at these!!!!

So we were just taking pictures

Then he started trying to sit up

He is so adorable

This is a weird face pic lol
then... he started trying to roll over!!

And.... HE DID IT!!!

It was hilarious because he was stunned that he did it lol!

Then... he drooled lol.............

Then I had to strip him down because he drooled really bad all over his outfit... he is teething... lol
This is Blayre playing outside with bubbles... lol... it was really cute... it was on Easter!
Here is Zhander outside... drooling lol!  He always has his tongue out!
I thought this was funny... we just got that carrier and Blayre just had to try it out... Zhander looked like he was asking "what in the heck is going on"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cards for some challenges!

Here are some cards I just made for a couple of challenges!

 This one here is for A La Card Monkey... It is my first challenge for this blog!  And I liked making this... I just went crazy with the colors... I think it looks great!  I don't know what I am using it for... either a thank you or a graduation card!

 This one I made for the Birthday Sundae challenge... I love this one it is super cute!  Even though it has a cute bow I think it could be for a boy... I am thinking of saving it for my nephews birthday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here is the picture of my AWESOME socks!!!!

So... after forever... I finally finished my socks!  It was very awesome for me!  I will be making more but my cuff will not be as long... I like short cuffs!!  One of my friends from my knitting group showed me another way to do some cuffs with some cables... so I will be trying that! 

So I have some pictures a bird eating at our bird feeder!  YAY!!!!  Blayre was so happy... and my husband was ecstatic! 

And here is Zhander holding his bottle all by himself!!!  He is getting soooo big!!!!
And here is a picture of Blayre sleeping, "Mom, I'm not tired"....  "Well hunny just rest then... you were up early this morning"

 Yeah... This is her not sleeping lol... Isn't it great!!

I haven't really done much crafting... except for the socks... I was reading some awesome books about Greek Mythology...  Well it was a book based on Greek Mythology... it was a great book... and then I wanted to get those socks done so I worked my butt of on them... but I will be putting up some more crafty things!  Don't worry... I didn't get lost... lol...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more cards! Wow... I have been going card/paper project happy!!

Well... this week Hephaestus and I have been bonding... here are some pictures that I have taken of my projects!
Here is a tag that I have made my niece!  She is turning 4 this year and we got her something for her Zhu Zhu babies... yeah I guess she is addicted to them... lol...

I made this box and this cute tag for my daughter's Easter basket... It is for the jelly beans so they don't go to the bottom of the Easter basket!!!

Here is the cute Easter card I made... I have no clue who to send it too... I will have to get some addresses together so that when I make cards I can send them to people!

Me and two of my friends went out to karaoke we had a good time... I haven't been out with friends since before I became pregnant with my little man!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I finally named my cricut!!!

So I have finally named my cricut!  I got my cricut in the beginning of November  and I have been trying to figure out a name ever since!  I didn't want to name it something that everyone would... like Jiminy... or something to that effect...

Lately I have been into reading about Greek gods, so I thought I am going to name him after the craftiest of the gods... HEPHAESTUS!  He is the god of smiths and craftsmen (and women) even though my little Hephaestus doesn't work with metal... he is still super crafty with other things that have to do with my craft...

 Isn't my little Hephaestus cute!!  He is so crafty and he can do anything!!  I just love him... now only if I could figure out a good name for my computer... she really needs one and as you can tell I have a hard time finding a good name to fit!  Another little lady I need to name is my sewing machine... but I am pretty sure I have an awesome name for her... Arachne...  writing this blog helped me with that thought process... hmm... see Hephaestus was also the god of technology so I can't name the computer that... plus she is a girl and I am sure she won't appreciate me turning her gender.... so when I figure it out you will be the first to know... we actually my husband will because I usually get too excited over my epiphanies and just have to scream them to him! lol... but you will know right after him!  lol

Here are some links on the two names I picked maybe they will give you some idea on why I have picked them!  YAY!  




After I posted about Sapphire the Hedgehog she died 2 days later R.I.P. Sapphire the Hedgehog we will miss her...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giveaway for people who like to use fabric!!

Hello everyone!!!  I follower a blog called The Curious Quilter!  And she is giving away fabric!  If you win you can either have 500 2x2 squares or 80 5x5 squares!  When I found out about it at first I thought I would want the 2x2's now come to think of it I might want the 5 x5's  I guess I will figure it out if I win!!  Here is the link!!! Go check it out!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divas By Design is having a DT Call!!!

A new challenge blog called Divas By Design is having a Design Team Call and I am hoping to become a part of it!!!  Yay!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

YAY COOKIES!!!! Thank you Kelsey!!!

Kelsey from Crystal Case Creative Creations rocks my baking (and card making) world!!!  She introduced me to an awesome Chipits recipe for chocolate chip cookies...

Before I had used the tollhouse cookie recipe and my cookied.... EVERY SINGLE TIME... turned out like this...

Now... since I have tried this recipe... here are a couple of pictures of the cookies today!!!

YES THEY ARE AWESOME!!  and I owe it all to Kelsey... See... I told you she rocks and you should go look at her cards and other projects also!!!!

So I made a cute little home sweet home picture and put it in a frame!!  It is so cute I got the idea from Laurie over at Scraps by Sissy !  She is very creative!!! 

She actually got the house from Create A Critter ... But I made mine using the shapes from my SCAL2 program!  I love the flag I got on here too!!!  I did put some green sparkles on the word sweet after I took this picture and it shows a lot better!!  I think it is so cute! 

And of course I had to make a mother's day card for my mom!  She has a hedgehog named Sapphire and she is so cute and adorable!! 

The dog's name is Bridgette and she just loves sapphire... she is so protective over her because she has wobbly hedgehog syndrome it is very common in hedgehogs but there is no cure and she will die... but she is still a very happy little hedgie!!!  Do you see her little tongue sticking out in that one with bridgette lol... it was so funny!!

And here is the mother's day card I made for my mom!  She is going to love it!!!  She has everything hedgehog!  She has stamps and paper and socks and towels and ever a purse and wallet!  She loves hedgehogs and mom is so close to this little girl when she dies it will be very hard on her.

 Look at these chunky cheeks on both my kids faces lol... arent they great!!!

Right before this picture was taken my husband put a Jimmy Johnson (Nascar) hat on him and he started crying!  Everytime he would take it off he would stop crying it was soooo funny... I told my husband it is because he wanted a Tony Stewart hat on lol