Sunday, March 20, 2011

a lot of pictures!!!

So I told everyone that I was going to be posting pictures of the place where I knit will all the lovely women I had met last Saturday!  And here they are... this is the the store front... The Sweet Boutique!  And these are the couches that we all sit on...

Then I decided to go around down town and take some pictures... I love these little stores!  They are so great!!!

I just found this little store... it is awesome!!  It is mostly for card making! 

This place sells exotic birds I couldn't really stay to long because the birds were afraid of the stroller.

 sooo... I saved this picture for last in this little series... one of my new favorite stores downtown!

This is a great place!!!  I am taking my sock class here... and they have the most beautiful yarns...
This was right outside the store... lol... it was funny to me lol

 These five pictures are the best!!  They are of this music store... it is so great!!!  I love it!

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