Thursday, March 3, 2011

I made a quilted bag for my knitting projects!!!

It is so freakin awesome that I want to scream I can not control the urge to smile!!
 This is the new sewing machine that my husband bought me!  My other one would bunch up stitches... and I thought I was going crazy... then I got this one and wow!!  It is soooo awesome and very easy to use!!
 This is the bag that I made out of square quarters!! It is soooo awesome!!!  I am so proud of myself!
 This is the strap I made!  And this stitch is so awesome!!!
And this is the stitch around the edge of the bag!  I used these two stitches because some of the fabric have flowers on them!


Reality Jayne said...

Good job on the bag....New sewing machine ? Hot

Nina O'Brien said...

I have the same machine, isnt it wonderful?

Alannah said...

Yes! I love it so much!!

JerseyJenn said...

Wow! This is very pretty!