Sunday, March 13, 2011

I finally found my place in the knitting world!!! (and other stuff)

Every Saturday at 9:00am a lovely group of ladies sit down to knit.  They are not only passionate about their projects but also about their families!  I found this little group to be my place, I felt at home... no one said how I was to young to be knitting or how I acted old.  They all oo-ed and aww-ed about about the colors of my socks, and when I needed help figuring about a part of turning the heel, they knew what to do... they helped me to understand the pattern and didn't hesitate to make sure I could understand what to do.  This happens at a lovely little place called the Sweets Boutique in Bay City, Mi... how did I come to find out about this little group you ask... well one day I was walking through out Jo Ann Fabrics and I heard two women talking about how they were taking a sock knitting class... and I asked them about it because I had just signed up for a sock knitting class... Come to find out a woman in their group was going to be teaching the rest how to do some socks.  When they found out that I knitted... they did not hesitate to ask me along to their little get together... I had been trying to find people to knit with and when I met theses women... I knew I found my place in the knitting world!!! (Pictures coming soon!)

Alright!  I need to show you pictures of my sock!  I have actually turned a heel!!  And on Wednesday we are learning the Gusset!  Yay!!!

This makes me very happy to know I am learning something new!!  And now everyone is going to get socks for Christmas!!! YAY!!!!

I am also making a wash cloth!  One of my FAVORITE bloggers, Heather, from The Good Life made this pattern herself and I have been wanting to try it ever since she posted it and now I am doing it!!!  I am using some scraps I have... I like the brighter colors she used better though... So I might make some with lighter colors, I will have to buy some more yarn because most of the yarn I have are dark colors but I think I might start buying some lighter colors so I can think spring!!!  (I am usually a fall girl)!!!

And here are some pictures of my babies from today just so I can end on a super adorable note!! LOL!


Reality Jayne said...

That is exactly the way you find the good peeps to teach you crafty things....I am so proud of you for just moving in there and asking them where they were meeting....ans so on...
Good Craft move Alannah....indeed

Heather said...

Thank you Alannah, you are so sweet! :-) Your knitting class sounds like so much fun and a wonderful way to meet others who share the same love of yarn that you do. Your little ones look happy and content. Thank you for your nice compliment and for linking to my pattern. Blessings to you and your family. Heather

Sew Many Ways... said...

Knitting is on my "to do" list of things to learn. Thanks for linking up to my party!

Karenkay said...

Wow, your knitting looks great! Maybe in the future I will try some knitting....I always see such great projects to make!

Crafting Misfit said...

Thanks for linking your project to the party!