Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sorry it has been such a long time!

Well I have been SUPER busy with school and the little ones that I don't do to much now a days.  But when I can get on here I have been surfing the Youtube circuit!  And I have found some AWESOME people... For example I found Robyn From and she is the best!  When ever I get a chance I hop on to her page and just watch all of her videos... and I do the same for her friend Karlee from !  These two women are completely and utterly awesome!!!  And I am just itching to see their new videos!  I have been playing with my Cricut for two days because of them and I have also came up with some awesome ideas for cards!  When I do get around to making them I will be sure to put them on here!!

Hope to talk to you all real soon!


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Queen of...Whatever said...

Hi ...thanks for the visit to my blog. I liked the blog site you put