Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time no blog...

Hey everyone... just blogging here to tell you that we are all good here in the family!  I just have been super busy since I have started school up again.  Today is the beginning of a week off so my Cricut and my Brand New Sewing Machine (pictures coming soon) will be getting a lot of use...  I have started a quilt (pictures coming soon) I can't promise that it will be perfect since it is the first one I am doing, but I do promise that I am having a lot of fun with it.

Here, this is to show you what I have been do today with my cricut!!!
I actually did Mike yesterday, but I just finished Sully and Boo... Aren't they AWESOME!!!  They make me laugh because I just think of the movie!!!!

This is the birthday card that I made for my grandpa!!  It is super cute!!  I really want to get some stamps from My Pink Stamper! I love all of Robyn's stamps they are awesome!  But until then I will just use one letter at a time....
Her is the letter that I set over to Renee at 2011 Letters I was letter number 26!!  Here is the link... Yay!! Here it is!!! Go check it out and send her a letter!!!  It was fun to make them one and give them a little tidbit about cold Michigan!

Here are some pictures from the one week that it was nice here in Michigan... Honestly the day after this it snowed and we got like a whole foot of snow!

Sooo we got a chance to go out... in our sweaters!  It was like 40 degrees and awesome!!!!!

Awww he is soooo cute in suspenders!! 
 Yeah she is a diva!!!

 This is my guy happy that he is eating lol!

Here are my kitty cats!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I made some more cards!!!!

 These are the three card I made today!!!!  The dinosaur one is the first I have ever done and after I did one I just could not stop making them!!  So I made two
 more the dino one is for my mom and the dolphin is for my sister they are both valentines!  

The third one is a birthday card it is either for my husbands mom or his aunt Their birthdays are with in 5 days of each other!!!
Here are my two babies!!  My little guy is only three months and he already thinks that phone is his!  He loves grabbing it and trying to push buttons!  And there is my baby girl looking so cute as she is looking at me... with her beautiful smile!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Made a card for the pinkalicious blog hop friday!!!!

Here is my awesome card!!!!  I am so happy to have done this card!  My favorite color is green!! I made this for my mom for valentines day!  Yay!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sorry it has been such a long time!

Well I have been SUPER busy with school and the little ones that I don't do to much now a days.  But when I can get on here I have been surfing the Youtube circuit!  And I have found some AWESOME people... For example I found Robyn From and she is the best!  When ever I get a chance I hop on to her page and just watch all of her videos... and I do the same for her friend Karlee from !  These two women are completely and utterly awesome!!!  And I am just itching to see their new videos!  I have been playing with my Cricut for two days because of them and I have also came up with some awesome ideas for cards!  When I do get around to making them I will be sure to put them on here!!

Hope to talk to you all real soon!