Monday, January 17, 2011

Diet update Monday!!

So I have been doing well... except for my sugars for some reason they just do not want to cooperate and I have had to up my dosage quite a lot!  And tomorrow I am going to the doctor and I will be weighed then we will see how it has been going...  I haven't posted at all lately mostly because of my little guy... then today he got his shots and he has been like this ever since!  If you notice... he is right in the middle of my legs... that is where he ALWAYS is!

I also haven't gotten the chance to do to much more on my projects... but for New Years I had typed up my New Years Resolution so that the world could see it... and here it is again!

1. Finish a baby blanket for my husbands friend who is due for a little boy in March
2. Finish my daughters scarf
3. Finish my mother in laws birthday gift
4. Make something for my friend Holly that she will love (birthday/christmas)
5. keep my sugar under control
6. lose some weight

well the update is....
1. well.... I have 9/25 of the baby blanket done
2. haven't worked on it since December
4. I started a Granny Pentagon Blanket that she will LOVE!!!
5. in progress
6. in progress

On the up note... my sewing machine is out in the Livingroom now!!!  Yay!!  It was in my room with tons of blankets on top of it and I couldnt get to it or anything... it is one of those old ones that is connected to a table so I couldnt just hull it out and put it on my kitchen table... I had to bring the whole table and everything out... I love it though it is the first one I have ever had.... or used and I got it from an ex- coworker... FOR FREE!!! so it is awesome it looks like it is from the 70s or 80s and it still had every single piece to it... even the little thing the oil came in ha ha ha... It even came with the original books to it so that was awesome!!!


~Niki~ said...

I think this is the first New Year's I did not set one goal, not one thing to accomplish. LOL. Good for you~already accomplishing your goals!
I seriously need to lose like 90 pounds~i'm at 260 now :(
I'm only 5'6"

Clara said...

You need to make more time for you!