Monday, January 10, 2011

Diet update Monday!

So I have decided to make Monday my "diet update" day.  I figured it I put it on blog then I will have no choice but to keep going and it get done!  I actually started yesterday and that includes taking my insulin and counting carbohydrates.

I started the Special K Challenge this morning starting with their Chocolatey Delight cereal, which I couldn't be more thankful for.

 I have a couple of books to help me out with keeping the diabetic part going well. 

One is Nutrition in the Fast Lane and it helps with carbs from different fast food joints so you can stay on track even if you have to eat out a lot. 

And I have another one that is called Carb Counting and Meal Planning; it really helps to have both on hand.

So I have also decided to put up my scores from my sugars.  This is because it will help me stick to taking my sugar.  I started my insulin on 10 Novolin in the morning and evening and 6 Humalog at each meal.

Here are my sugars from yesterday; of course next Monday I will have a lot more to post!  These sugars are one fasting and an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  My meal includes 30 carbs for breakfast, 60 carbs for lunch, and another 60 for dinner, I can also do 15 carb snacks after i take my sugar at every meal.

1/9/11 Fast 163 130/113/120

I know what I am doing, i just have a lot of trouble sticking to it!  Lets hope that I can stick to it this time and get this weight down so I wont have to have surgery!

Thanks for checking in on me!  You people rock!

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