Tuesday, January 25, 2011

update monday... (I know it is Tuesday)

I didn't update yesterday, I remembered in the morning then I did the worst thing ever... I said "I will do it tonight" which in Alannah language means *yeah right* when it comes to anything for myself... but just to update everyone... I am doing well on it.. still sticking to everything lets just hope it works out...

Oh and I finished the baby blanket and I will post some pictures sometime this week... because it is awesome... I don't know if I really want to do the pentagon blanket for my friend... I am thinking of doing something a little more spunky to go with who she is.... if you have any suggestions... crochet.. knitting... anything I am willing to check it out... well I am going to go over to Crochet Galore's blog to finally start on the crochet along!!  Yay it is my first one and I am super excited!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did You See!!!

DID YA SEE!!!  DIDJA DIDJA DIDJA!!!!  I learned how to make a banner on my photoshop and put it up there!!!  Isn't it awesome!!!  Ok so maybe it has some flaws but it was my first one... so... nah *insert tongue sticking out here*

So another note about my husband's friend's wife who is having a baby boy's blanket... I have decided to make it only a 4X4 instead of a 5X5 because I made the squares bigger than what I was supposed to and because the yarn is also thicker than what it was supposed to be...

just an update!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Diet update Monday!!

So I have been doing well... except for my sugars for some reason they just do not want to cooperate and I have had to up my dosage quite a lot!  And tomorrow I am going to the doctor and I will be weighed then we will see how it has been going...  I haven't posted at all lately mostly because of my little guy... then today he got his shots and he has been like this ever since!  If you notice... he is right in the middle of my legs... that is where he ALWAYS is!

I also haven't gotten the chance to do to much more on my projects... but for New Years I had typed up my New Years Resolution so that the world could see it... and here it is again!

1. Finish a baby blanket for my husbands friend who is due for a little boy in March
2. Finish my daughters scarf
3. Finish my mother in laws birthday gift
4. Make something for my friend Holly that she will love (birthday/christmas)
5. keep my sugar under control
6. lose some weight

well the update is....
1. well.... I have 9/25 of the baby blanket done
2. haven't worked on it since December
4. I started a Granny Pentagon Blanket that she will LOVE!!!
5. in progress
6. in progress

On the up note... my sewing machine is out in the Livingroom now!!!  Yay!!  It was in my room with tons of blankets on top of it and I couldnt get to it or anything... it is one of those old ones that is connected to a table so I couldnt just hull it out and put it on my kitchen table... I had to bring the whole table and everything out... I love it though it is the first one I have ever had.... or used and I got it from an ex- coworker... FOR FREE!!! so it is awesome it looks like it is from the 70s or 80s and it still had every single piece to it... even the little thing the oil came in ha ha ha... It even came with the original books to it so that was awesome!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello to my followers... you rock!!!

Hello all of my wonderful people... I am blogging to tell you I appreciate all of your comments... but i have no clue how I can message you back to respond so you can know that I appreciate your comments... if anyone of you can tell me how to do it I would appreciate it!  Thanks Blogland friends!!


Monday, January 10, 2011


So I have finally decided to try my hand at quilting!  After Karen from Sew Many Ways put up a tutorial on how to do a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt, I decided that it would be super easy and cute to do, but i am going to take my time....
Here is the little quilting pack I put together

And right here is the first little flower, I am not finished with it but it will look cute...

There is no pattern to this quilt I am making just some cute stuff I found in my stash and some cute stuff I found at the store in the clearance pile!!
So wish me luck!! I am sure I will have fun but I still hope it turns out great!!!

Diet update Monday!

So I have decided to make Monday my "diet update" day.  I figured it I put it on blog then I will have no choice but to keep going and it get done!  I actually started yesterday and that includes taking my insulin and counting carbohydrates.

I started the Special K Challenge this morning starting with their Chocolatey Delight cereal, which I couldn't be more thankful for.

 I have a couple of books to help me out with keeping the diabetic part going well. 

One is Nutrition in the Fast Lane and it helps with carbs from different fast food joints so you can stay on track even if you have to eat out a lot. 

And I have another one that is called Carb Counting and Meal Planning; it really helps to have both on hand.

So I have also decided to put up my scores from my sugars.  This is because it will help me stick to taking my sugar.  I started my insulin on 10 Novolin in the morning and evening and 6 Humalog at each meal.

Here are my sugars from yesterday; of course next Monday I will have a lot more to post!  These sugars are one fasting and an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  My meal includes 30 carbs for breakfast, 60 carbs for lunch, and another 60 for dinner, I can also do 15 carb snacks after i take my sugar at every meal.

1/9/11 Fast 163 130/113/120

I know what I am doing, i just have a lot of trouble sticking to it!  Lets hope that I can stick to it this time and get this weight down so I wont have to have surgery!

Thanks for checking in on me!  You people rock!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just decided to get on here and vent for one moment...

I have just had to frog a block I was doing then i realized that i accidentally did row seven instead of row five... and i pulled out row three thinking something was wrong but it was only one row that I had wrong... grrrrrrr... stupid frogs!!!