Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home made pizza is AWESOME!!!! (includes links to recipes)

This is the homemade pizza that I decided I wanted to throw together for my daughter and me.  My husband is at school so I decided it would be a nice homemade pizza day!  The crust is homemade but I didn't feel up to making the sauce homemade like I usually do.  Here is a link to a great pizza dough recipe!!  And I will also include this easy pizza sauce recipe! Just incase you want to use it!  Then of course your can put any toppings you want on it!!
Don't forget!  If you have children this is a fun thing to do with them!  When I was a child I always loved to makes faces on my pizzas and my daughter is the same way!

Happy cooking!!!

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Clara said...

Thanks for the link. The pizza looks simply delicious.