Sunday, August 1, 2010

I made my daughter a hat!!!

So I made my daughter this awesome hat! It was easy... Now the flower was made by crocheting and the hat was made by knitting. And it was very easy! I made it in less than a day I suggest making the flower first... Only because getting it done makes you feel awesome because it is so cute!!

It is called the Cheerful Crochet Flower and it was a pattern from a fellow blogger... here is the link, it also has a you tube video so it is awesome!!!

Here is the link for the hat! It is super cute and you can really add anything to it if you want to spruce it up... you of course can make it more boyish with of course a different color and putting maybe a pom on it... but it is totally cute!!

My daughter loves her hat and she cant wait to wear it!! Now I am going to finish her blanket... you will see it when it is finished... wish me the best

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Biz said...

VERY Cute! I love that flower! :) It's a very happy looking hat!