Sunday, August 22, 2010

cute little jacket I crocheted for my little guy!!

This is my little girl holding up the little sweater jacket I crocheted for our new addition coming in November.  I didn't make this with my own pattern, instead I went to and typed in something about crocheting a baby sweater.  And of course I found my favorite guy, mikey, showing me how to make a cute little sweater I made it with a brown and a white combined to make it extra thick... here is the link to help you out.  He gives step by step instructions and explains everything... Now this is only for the actual sweater part... For the hood... I chained 40 and did 9 rows of double crochet... then I folded it in half and single crocheted down the first chain 40 row.  Then I single crocheted it to the sweater... I got this idea from a girl on youtube and here is the link.  But I only did the hood part of what she was showing.  Now the buttons are actually the white on the bottom and brown on the top and the brown is actually in the shape of starts and I actually got this from a pattern for a little high top bootie... Now I have made the booties and pretty soon I will be making some to match this jacket but the star pattern is at the end of the video and here is the link.  It is 38:45 minutes into the video...  For the button holes I just placed my buttons by sewing them in make sure you have the bottom attached to the star or else it will keep coming off ....then I single crocheted down the opposite side and when I reached the button I chained seven then started single crocheting again and did the same thing at the next button

I hope this is helpful... If you have any questions just post to my blog and I will try to help

Happy crocheting!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I made my daughter a hat!!!

So I made my daughter this awesome hat! It was easy... Now the flower was made by crocheting and the hat was made by knitting. And it was very easy! I made it in less than a day I suggest making the flower first... Only because getting it done makes you feel awesome because it is so cute!!

It is called the Cheerful Crochet Flower and it was a pattern from a fellow blogger... here is the link, it also has a you tube video so it is awesome!!!

Here is the link for the hat! It is super cute and you can really add anything to it if you want to spruce it up... you of course can make it more boyish with of course a different color and putting maybe a pom on it... but it is totally cute!!

My daughter loves her hat and she cant wait to wear it!! Now I am going to finish her blanket... you will see it when it is finished... wish me the best