Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy dreams during pregnancy

Well, I have confirmed the crazy pregnancy dreams. But this wasn't like my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy I dreamed I was pregnant with twins and my mom (who is a nurse in real life) had to deliver them by c-section, but she only delivered one and then made my two younger sisters sew me up with red yarn. After that, we went to a party... but this dream was interesting. I was pregnant but I was at a house I grew up in Harrison, Mi. This house was a one room cabin that was converted to a two bedroom house. It had concrete floors, so it makes the next part of the dream really weird. A tornado came through and blew the house to where it was teetering on a single piece of wood. It was kind of like a teeter toter if you were on one side it would go to that side and of course if you were on the other side it would lean to that side. Then it took me back to high school, it was completely different from the high school I went to and there was only one person I new, which was a guy named Joe, but the funny thing is that he was in two grades lower than me and his brother was actually the one in my grade. Anyway I got into trouble because I couldn't get up fast enough when I was on the floor and the teacher was going to punish me by having some chic kick me in the stomach. I said "don't I'm pregnant!" Then she stopped and the teacher said Joe had to be my partner and take me to all of my classes. Then I woke up... oh but it didn't stop there. I went to go pee (pregnancy) and came back to go to sleep. Well right when I fell asleep my brain decided to have another dream. This dream was... crazier. If you ever seen the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Air Bender, well I LOVE the cartoon and I have watched every single episode, the beginning of the dream started with me having to teach all of these people how to bend their element, then this guy that came in as tornado (he looked just like what I would think Quin would look from the Sookie Stackhouse series) when he landed down he got mad because of what I was teaching his daughter then I woke up and my husband was laying next to me. I got up to shut the door and I look out and the Quin look alike waved at me. Then next thing I know I really was waking up.... Ok so yeah... pregnancy dreams are crazy.

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